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Under contruction: Storage del Norte will offer 200 units in the heart of Guanacaste

Located in Comunidad, the first units will be available in January 2024

par Yves Pepito Malette
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Two Canadians, Keven Parent and Martin Tremblay, are pleased to announce the highly anticipated opening of a first class storage facility that is already under construction in Comunidad, in the Guanacaste region. Over 200 secure storage units will be available.

Each unit, measuring 6 feet by 8 feet, has been designed to ensure tightness and protection of belongings against all types of non-desired elements or intruders.

Access will be controlled by state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the protection, preservation, and safety of all stored goods.

Phase 1 of the project is already underway, and the first units will be available from January 2024, according to the project’s owners. Access will be monitored, and advanced security measures will be in place to guarantee the protection, preservation, and safety of everything stored there.

Guanacaste, being the region experiencing the greatest economic growth in Costa Rica, greatly needs a place where people can store their belongings temporarily or permanently with confidence, quality, and security, says Keven Parent, one of the project’s partners.

As an expatriate myself in Costa Rica, I understand the needs of people when it comes to storage, adds Keven Parent.

So, we have taken these experiences into consideration to enhance the experiences of people staying here for longer periods, he explains.

Each of the units, measuring 6 by 8 feet, has been designed to ensure tightness and protection of belongings against climate-related weather. Critters will not have access to the site, and pests will have to deal with a routine and intensive fumigation program, say the project’s officials.

Storage del Norte aims to be an environmentally friendly project, in line with Costa Rica’s ecological values. That’s why each unit will be equipped with LED lighting with motion sensors.

According to Keven: « These bulbs are extremely energy-efficient, consuming up to 80% less energy compared to incandescent bulbs. When combined with a motion sensor, they only turn on when someone is present, further reducing energy consumption. »

To preserve Costa Rica’s forests, wood will not be used in the construction of Storage del Norte. Biodiversity conservation was a significant priority in the project’s design, says Martin Tremblay.

Wood also serves as a refuge for insects, and we don’t want those roommates, adds Martin with a touch of humor.

More and more tourists spend several months on vacation in the region, returning year after year. However, one of the significant challenges they face is finding a safe place to store their belongings during the off-season period and during their stays outside of Guanacaste.

Martin Tremblay (exclusive interview) with

Martin Tremblay indicates that the location of the Storage del Norte storage center has been carefully chosen to meet the needs of tourists and long-term residents of Guanacaste. Consumers have told us that the town of Comunidad would be a convenient and accessible option for those passing through the region, especially near the Guanacaste International Airport, he says.

Located between the airport and the beach resorts in the region, access to Storage del Norte will be easy and convenient, less than 10 km from the Guanacaste International Airport, about 15 km from Playa del Coco and Playa Hermosa, and less than 30 km from Playa Flamingo and Potrero, to name a few.

Despite the ease of access to the center’s rental, entering it will not be possible for those who are not tenants, Martin Tremblay emphasizes. They will implement security measures to protect everyone’s belongings. A smart card system will be provided to customers, the site will be well lit, and a security camera system will be installed.

I am delighted to learn about this new storage center. This kind of place will address a real need. We visit Guanacaste every year. We’ve accumulated all sorts of things over the years: a barbecue, junk, a scooter and electrical appliances. And every year, it was a headache to find a safe place to leave our stuff, especially since there is a shortage of housing and warehouses in the region.

Steven Johnson, Miami Florida

Human presence will also ensure on-site security. « We have thought of all our customers’ needs, » say owners Keven and Martin. Clearly, not everyone has access to vehicles, so the two customer service enthusiasts will offer a quality and safe transport service to retrieve your belongings at the desired time and return them to you upon request.

Storage del Norte will soon unveil its website, which will be available in both French and English. In the meantime, people can send any inquiries to: [email protected]

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