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Filmed in Costa Rica: Wild Babies on Netflix Wins an Emmy

A Tribute to Costa Rican Wildlife

par Yves Pepito Malette
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In a triumphant victory for the streaming giant Netflix, the documentary series « Wild Babies » has clinched an Emmy Award in the « Travel, Adventure, and Nature » category. This captivating series, produced by Netflix, delves into the early years of various wild animals across 16 countries, with a particular focus on the vibrant biodiversity of Costa Rica.

Brazilian filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade, the creative force behind « Wild Babies, » selected Costa Rica as a key filming location due to its unique environmental conditions and the palpable pride of Costa Ricans (known as Ticos and Ticas) in showcasing the stories of their country’s wildlife. The documentary provides a rare glimpse into the life of Chico, a playful capuchin monkey from Guanacaste, capturing the essence of Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystems.

The Emmy Awards ceremony, held on December 16, witnessed Filipe DeAndrade’s jubilation as he shared a joyful moment on his Instagram account, expressing gratitude to Costa Rica with the caption: « Costa Rica, this one’s for you. »

Born in Brazil and raised in Cleveland, filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade has a passion for wildlife and adventure. DeAndrade emphasized Costa Rica’s importance in the documentary, stating, « I work here in Costa Rica because, to me, it’s the best place in the world to film animals, due to its culture, conservation projects, and the Ticos and Ticas. It’s my favorite country. »

Costa Rica’s wildlife is incredibly diverse and is one of the most iconic features of this small Central American country. With a wide range of climates, from tropical beaches to forest-covered mountains, Costa Rica is home to a multitude of fascinating animal species. Among the most iconic creatures are the two- and three-toed sloths, jaguars, toucans, quetzals, howler monkeys, and a wide variety of snakes, frogs, and exotic birds.

« Wild Babies » presents the tales of the early years of various species, including turtles, monkeys, and jaguars. The Costa Rican segment features Chico, the capuchin monkey known for his love of playful antics.

The documentary spans 16 countries and showcases captivating stories such as that of Tabo, a baby seal in Namibia learning to swim; Kaya, a lioness embarking on an adventure in the South African desert; and Mantegu, a baby pangolin revealing defense mechanisms against predators.

Other endearing characters include Mina, an orangutan explorer from Indonesia; Quito, a young mongoose quickly learning the ropes; Kesari, a young sea otter in Alaska hesitant to leave its mother’s side; and Amma, an orphaned macaque navigating social dynamics in Sri Lanka.

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