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Immigration in Costa Rica: A Strategic Move to Process 6,000 Applications in Three Months

Immigration and the Ministry of Security Launching a Joint Plan of Action

par Yves Pepito Malette
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The processes involved in approving immigration files and applications for legal residencies can appear complex and overly bureaucratic to foreigners awaiting decisions on their new legal residency status in Costa Rica.

Amidst this administrative maze, encouraging news has been shared via the official Facebook pages of the Immigration Department of Costa Rica jointly with Ministry of Security of Costa Rica.

It announced a plan aimed at providing immediate assistance to foreigners awaiting approval for legal residency, specifically targeting investors, pensioners, and entrepreneurs.

The plan, set to process 6,000 files within three months, includes taking inventory of all pending files to facilitate their swift resolution, thereby benefiting migration service users.

For the execution of this Immediate Attention Plan, the workforce has been enhanced through the addition of five legal professionals and the assignment of additional hours, with the goal of resolving all procedures within a three-month timeframe.

It is crucial to highlight that this group of foreigners seeking to legalize their status will undergo stringent security checks, including INTERPOL records and other databases, to verify, among other aspects, the reliability of residency candidates in the categories of investors, pensioners, and entrepreneurs.

The surge in foreign direct investment in Costa Rica has led to an increased number of applications from those seeking to capitalize on these investments, incomes, and businesses. Hence, it is both strategic and necessary for the country to legalize these individuals in migration terms.

Costa Rican immigration law experts, including Marcela Gurdian, have praised this announcement as excellent news.

Immigration lawyer Laura Chavarria has pointed out the important support of Minister of Security, Mario Zamora’s, in the matter. While resources are crucial, she emphasizes the importance of enhancing service efficiency and functionality for users.

This initiative is set to streamline the processing of immigration applications within the country. It comes at a time when a group of immigration lawyers recently appeared on a special episode of Pepito Live, discussing the challenges of immigration in Costa Rica in 2024, including, among other issues, the understaffing at immigration department offices.

The announcement of such positive developments is always a pleasure, as it reaffirms to foreigners that Costa Rica remains open and welcoming in terms of immigration, according to immigration lawyer Marcela Gurdian. This announcement demonstrates the country’s desire to continue this welcoming path.

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