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A young Canadian tourism entrepreneur is victim of theft in Costa Rica

Thieves stole all her electronic and navigational equipment during the night

par Sébastien St-Pierre
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Working in the tourism industry can seem very exotic from the outside, in a country like Costa Rica. But in reality, those who passionately offer their services in tourism work very hard in terms of preparation and long working hours, in a context where competition is fierce.

When she launched her tourism business, Tamarindo Surf and Tours, the young Canadian woman Sara Ouimet was prepared for these challenges. However, she was not quite prepared for what she would discover with her partner David Gonzalez, when they went to their sport fishing boat around 5:20 am on March 29th to prepare for their workday.

Upon arriving at the boat, they found that the gangway to board was already lowered, signaling that the day would be different and reserving a very disturbing surprise for them. The young entrepreneurs discovered that all the electronic equipment necessary to provide a safe and quality service to their clients had been ripped off by thieves who had probably intended to steal the ship overnight, around 2 a.m. according to some witnesses.

It is estimated that the thieves took more than 10,000 USD in specialized equipment. A considerable sum for a young entrepreneur who launched her business just a few months ago, after investing her youth savings in realizing her dream. A report was filed with the local police, without much reaction on their part.

The thieves surely wanted to steal the boat. The loss of the stolen equipment is significant. We are a young couple starting out in life. It’s very difficult for us at this time. That’s why we are making a call for help.

Sara OuimetTamarindo Surf & Tours in Tamarindo

Faced with this adversity, Sara Ouimet is more determined than ever to face the storm in front of her. Very active on social media, the young entrepreneur has therefore launched a crowdfunding campaign via GoFundMe.

Working at the head of a tourist company does not always present the exotic side that many imagine. Leaders of these companies are tirelessly dedicated to navigating through the meanders of bureaucracy, facing often fierce competition, and managing the ups and downs of income, fluctuating with the rhythm of tourist seasons.

Embarking on such an adventure takes time, courage, and unwavering determination. Setting up a business takes time, courage, and determination. The trial that Sara Ouimet is currently going through is particularly upsetting and adds a significant weight on the shoulders of those who aspire to succeed in this sector.

Yves Pepito Malette, a former tourist operator for 9 years in Costa Rica

The refurbishment of the boat is already underway. Sara Ouimet and her partner David Gonzalez are determined to redouble their efforts to continue offering their tourist service in the Tamarindo region, Guanacaste.

«It is important to highlight the efforts of young expatriates who come to settle in Costa Rica,» says Yves Pepito Malette. «He hopes that the tourist community, both local and expatriate, takes the time to support this very promising young generation,» he states.

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