Accueil » Top immigration lawyers from Costa Rica to share their views on the system’s challenges.

Top immigration lawyers from Costa Rica to share their views on the system’s challenges.

Pepito Live to host the program LIVE on YouTube March 6 coming

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What is the actual status and challenges of Immigration and Residency programs in Costa Rica as of 2024?

To understand these issues, Pepito Live (YouTube Channel) is organizing a discussion featuring a panel of immigration lawyers from the Costa Rican Bar Association.

The panel will include ten prominent immigration attorneys from Costa Rica, among them Laura Chavarria, who serves as the president of the immigration committee within the Bar Association.

Additionally, lawyer Marco Francisco Badilla Chavarría, who held the position of Director General of Immigration and Foreign Affairs from 2002 to 2005, will participate in the discussion.


Marcela Gurdian:  Lawyer & President at Immigration Experts (30 years expertise)

Monique Azuola: Lawyer at  Fácio y Canas (18 years expertise)

Vanessa Leandro: Founder MBC Legal (30 years expertise)

Fabiana Guitérrez: lawyer at Quatro Legal (25 years expertise)

Mariana Alfaro: lawyer at Cordero y Cordero Abogados (13 years expertise)

Sebastián Alvarado: Lawyer at Sfera Legal  (15 years expertise)

Nathalie Blau: Lawyer at Lexin Corp (7 years expertise)

Margarita Sandi: Lawyer at Director Nomad Immigration Services (12 years expertise)

Costa Rica has become a highly attractive destination for expatriates, thanks to its beautiful natural scenery, diverse wildlife, pleasant climate, political stability and safety, and high quality of life, among other factors. These attributes make Costa Rica an ideal choice for those looking to relocate and start anew.

The nation offers an excellent combination of breathtaking landscapes, affordability, security, and a welcoming community, making it an outstanding choice for anyone considering a new place to call home. The global COVID-19 pandemic has significantly influenced international mobility, including the trend of moving to countries like Costa Rica.

With a surge in residency applications at Costa Rica’s Immigration Department, what challenges does the system face, and how can the country efficiently manage and process these increasing demands?

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