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Opinion: Reflecting on the Attitudes of Some Expats in Costa Rica…

Happiness Begins with Self-Understanding

par Sébastien St-Pierre
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I find myself both surprised and dismayed by the attitude of some expatriates living in a welcoming country like Costa Rica, who continually express contempt for their host and adopted country. This situation prompts me to ponder the nature of their discontent. How can one harbor such critical feelings towards a people known for their warmth, rich culture, lifestyle, and Latin rhythm?

The public expression of this contempt, especially on social media, is particularly troubling. It raises a fundamental question: perhaps these individuals will never find a haven of peace and happiness, no matter the location. Maybe happiness first lies within oneself, before seeking it elsewhere.

It is vital to be honest with oneself before seeking happiness beyond the borders of one’s native country. This introspection may lead to a better understanding of what truly makes us happy and, consequently, to greater respect for the place and the people who welcome us.

This behavior seems all the more puzzling given that these individuals have chosen to settle in Costa Rica. If the lifestyle does not match their ideal of happiness, why not consider returning to their country of origin? After all, respecting the culture and values of the host country should be a priority for any expatriate.

In conclusion, it is crucial to reflect on our own attitudes and expectations before criticizing our surroundings. Happiness and respect are personal quests that begin with self-understanding and a sincere openness to other cultures.

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Sébastien St-Pierre

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8 commentaires

Good article.

Diana Florence Miskell 14 janvier 2024 - 17 h 02 min

I’m sorry … in spite of being a Canadian, I am not bilingual in French and English. We moved to Costa Rica sight unseen in 2011. We love living here.


Expat attitudes

Karen 14 janvier 2024 - 17 h 17 min

I also feel that many expats do not treat their fellow expats with respect. In fact, my friend and I developed a term “expats behaving badly “. Just because there are fewer rules here, people need to consider others’ feelings. I wonder if some people left all their manners in their home country (if they had any to begin with).

Yves Pepito Malette 14 janvier 2024 - 17 h 28 min

Thank you for sharing your feelings and experience….


Sébastien St-Pierre

Michele 16 janvier 2024 - 9 h 37 min

Je viens de lire la réflexion de Sébastien St-Pierre, concernant l’attitude de certains expatriés au Costa Rica.
Quite refreshing read.
His command of the English language is to be applauded!


Agreed but..

Fred pilkington 15 janvier 2024 - 8 h 08 min

My only area of contempt is around the price of certain items. Just browsing, we went into a book shop yesterday and were comparing the price typed on the English books in GBP vs the colones price. They were all almost double! My expectation is that extended to all books. Why is the import duty one size fits all and doesn’t this make books inaccessible to many Costa Ricans? I doubt Costa Rica has a publishing/printing industry that needs this “protection”?


Immigrants not ex-pats

Shelley 15 janvier 2024 - 12 h 29 min

It bothers me that so many move to another country and call themselves an “ex-pat”. No, you are an immigrant as you moved here from another country. Ex-pat is a privileged rich person term. My family lives in Costa Rica going on 4 years and we have all obtained legal residency. Things are different here and many of those differences are why we chose to leave the US and be here. If you don’t like things either be quiet or move somewhere else! Pura Vida!


My BiggestComplaint About Costa Rica

dr Meno 16 janvier 2024 - 9 h 26 min

CR has been taken over and is under repossession process from the bankers, ie fascist zionist. This process started with CAFTA/TLC being forced on us by the traidor Oscar Arias , who should be jailed for selling out CR. I have seen the changes before and after CAFTA. So my other big complaint about CR is it is becoming more like the USA. More taxes, surveillance, regulations, greediness.
CR’s number one resource is the water, and someone wants real bad. They dont have gold, because BCCR owns it, CR has no diamonds, no petrol.
CR needs to default on the forced odious loand and jail the bankers like Iceland did.

On an other note Q is a sell out too. He spreads USAs propaganda to everyone. His articles support the fascist takeover of CR. He use to have comments in his Q Costa Rica but has removed them, probably due to me calling his out for receiving funds from USAID,NED and other NGO’s. Spreading propaganda. Especially showing CR’s support for Israel’s genocide with Palestine.

note , been living full time here for 19 yrs. Looking at all the problems around the world, I still think this is the best place to live. Ticos need to wake up on who really owns their beautiful country.


my comment

dr meno 16 janvier 2024 - 16 h 36 min

why did you delete my comment


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