Judging without even realizing that we all participated in it?

par Claude Laferrière
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It’s understandable that projects of this magnitude, and even smaller ones, raise concerns for most of us. We must hope that the authorities remain vigilant and do what they have to do.

Before drawing conclusions, before judging, let’s ask ourselves questions about our integration into this beautiful little Coco that we love so much. Is the place where I live not part of a vast complex that didn’t exist 30 years ago?

Do I like going to different restaurants occasionally? Do I have an ocean view that didn’t exist 30 and more years ago? Did they have to cut down trees to make my luxury house? Does the Auto Mercado where I go occasionally make my life easier sometimes? The banks, and all the services offered to me did not exist in Coco 30 years and more ago.

What makes the difference between today and 30 years and more ago, is progress. We are aware of what progress is, we come from North America and Europe, where we have also contributed to progress. From the smallest house that we bought or built in Playa del Coco, Playa Hermosa, or further south in the great Costa Rica where development is just beginning, all this is part of that progress.

I am not here to tell you whether I am for or against, I have even participated in my own way in this change of this BEAUTIFUL COCO, this beautiful HERMOSA that we have known.

Observing carefully, I notice that many quickly rush to take a position. Judging without even realizing that we all participated in it? It is important to realize that, before us, there was probably someone who said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH when we arrived…. at their home.


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Mark Martin 13 novembre 2023 - 13 h 45 min

I totaly agee with your comments! Thank you for expressing and raising this awareness.

Yves Pepito Malette 13 novembre 2023 - 13 h 46 min

Thank you for reading and participating is this open forum.


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