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Prince Harry and his family’s vacation in Costa Rica refuses to publish their photos

par Sébastien St-Pierre
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According to reports from Costa Rican media, including CRHoy, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, members of the British royal family, made a secret visit to Costa Rica last week, further enhancing the country’s reputation as a popular celebrity destination.

Photographs of the couple have already been circulated by local and international media, capturing moments from their relaxing and exploratory stay in Costa Rica.

«Prince Harry and his family have long been harassed by paparazzi and intrusive cameras, disturbing their private lives in a too dramatic manners. They deserve to be able to visit Costa Rica in peace. We are honored that they have chosen Costa Rica as a place to relax. Costa Rica has long been a country of peace, and in that spirit, refuses to disclose any images of these intimate moments, which belong exclusively to the prince and his family.»

– Yves Pepito Malette, editor of

According to local media, the couple spent a significant amount of their time relaxing in the picturesque Carrillo Beach area and the nearby beaches of Guanacaste province.

Harry and Meghan are not the first celebrities to be enchanted by Costa Rica’s diverse natural wonders in recent times. Colombian superstar Shakira was also seen vacationing there with her children. Comedian Kevin Hart and actress Jane Seymour have also made recent visits.

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