Accueil » Top canadian artist Gerry Mosby to sing your requests at Villa del Sueño

Top canadian artist Gerry Mosby to sing your requests at Villa del Sueño

Known in the music world as The Mozz, he stands as a towering figure in the Canadian music world

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Restaurant and Hotel Villa del Sueño in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, is please to announce an exciting dinner-show event on February 24th.

This special event promises an unforgettable experience, featuring the highly versatile and renowned Canadian artist, Gerry Mosby. Residing in Toronto with his wife, Pam, Gerry now spends his winters in Playa Hermosa, embracing the warmth and community of Guanacaste.

Behind the scenes, Claude Laferrière, co-owner of the hotel and the creative force behind its celebrated musical program, continues to bring out the best in every artist, offering guests a unique and memorable dinner-show experience.

«Expect an evening filled with laughter, stories, and great music. Gerry’s knack for storytelling and his engaging performance style will ensure a fun and interactive music experience for all.»

– Claude Laferrière, Villa del Sueño

This year, Gerry Mosby is set to captivate attendees with an interactive performance that goes beyond just listening. Not only will he perform some of his favorite songs, but he’s also opening the floor to song requests from the audience. Accompanied by the talented Mike DiNardo, Gerry’s show promises to be a unique and interactive journey through music, enhanced by his 50 years of experience in the industry.

Don’t miss out on this special night. We invite you to reserve your spot for an evening of delectable cuisine crafted by Chef Silvia, with no entry fee required. For reservations, please call (506) 2672-0026 or WhatsApp (506) 8809-3606.

Face to face with Gerry Mosby at Hotel Villa del Sueño in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Gerry Mosby, is boasting an impressive career that spans over half a century. His journey, marked by innovation, collaboration, and an unwavering dedication to his craft, showcases a musician whose influence reverberates well beyond the stages and studios he has graced.

Born in British Columbia and wielding a diverse array of musical talents from a young age, Gerry set his sights on Toronto, the heart of Canada’s music scene, in 1974. At just 19, armed with his multi-instrumental prowess, he embarked on what would become a legendary career.

Gerry’s early years in Toronto were defined by his involvement with bands such as Trina, Archer, Bond, The Hunt, Rhinegold, and Surrender. Through these collaborations, he not only honed his skills as a performer but also emerged as a gifted composer, contributing to albums under prestigious labels like CBS Records, GRT Records, and Capitol/EMI.

The late 1970s and early 1980s marked a significant shift in Gerry’s career as he transitioned from the vibrant energy of rock concerts to the nuanced world of studio sessions and composition. This period saw him forge creative partnerships with luminaries such as Valdy, Alfie Zappacosta, and The Arrows, penning hits that resonated across Canada and beyond. His exceptional talent led him to some of the most iconic recording studios across the globe, where he rubbed shoulders with music royalty including Gordon Lightfoot, Queen, and Rod Stewart, among others.

As the 1980s gave way to the 1990s, Gerry’s creative output expanded further, encompassing a solo jazz-fusion album, «Mystique and Identity,» and contributions to the soundtracks of beloved soap operas, «As The World Turns» and «The Guiding Light.»

Gerry’s artistic talents extend beyond music into the realm of photography, where his eye for beauty has garnered acclaim in galleries and private collections internationally. His discography, including solo albums under The Mozz moniker, reflects a rich tapestry of musical exploration and expression.

Throughout his career, Gerry Mosby has remained a beacon of creativity, versatility, and passion. His work with Ken Ramm and their Emmy-nominated contributions to daytime television highlight a legacy of artistic excellence and collaboration. Residing in Toronto with his family and splitting his time between the urban landscape and the serene beauty of Costa Rica, Gerry’s life mirrors the diversity and depth of his musical journey.

As The Mozz, Gerry Mosby has not just lived through the evolution of the Canadian music scene; he has been a pivotal force in shaping it. His legacy is one of enduring melodies, groundbreaking compositions, and a life dedicated to the art of music.

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Chocolate for the soul!

Jeannot Trudel 19 février 2024 - 11 h 15 min

Gerry is not only an outstanding musician and singer with a poetic mind, but also a nature lover and generous and fun human being living the pura vida at its best!

Yves Pepito Malette 19 février 2024 - 15 h 28 min

Thank you for commenting 😉


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