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Costa Rica to Host the World’s Elite in Tattooing

The tattoo industry has become a powerful global market

par Yves Pepito Malette
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The cream of the crop of the world’s tattoo artists will meet in Costa Rica for an unprecedented event. Among the renowned artists who will be present are Ami James, Toni Donaire, James Tex, Jee Sayalero, Lillian Raya, as well as local talents such as Dan Cordero, Daniel Araya, Max Rodríguez, and Jana de Oliveira.

The prestigious «Pura Tinta Fest» will open its doors on March 2 and 3, 2024, at the Costa Rica Convention Center, marking the largest tattoo convention ever organized in the country.

Pura Tinta Fest aims to push the boundaries of tattoo art by bringing together the best national and international artists for a live demonstration of talent. The festival will also be an opportunity to reward excellence in the field through various categories, offering artists the chance to stand out and win exceptional prizes.

«We are excited to offer a unique experience, mixing artistic excellence with the cultural and natural diversity of Costa Rica. This event, made possible thanks to the support and collaboration of numerous partners, promises to be unforgettable. We look forward to sharing these special moments in the celebration of tattoo art.”

– Sam Zahedi, event organizer

Despite its growing acceptance, tattooing still faces challenges, particularly in terms of social stigma in some cultures and legal issues in some countries where tattooing may be limited or prohibited.

The event will also highlight the rich and diverse history of tattooing, from its origins in various cultures to its gradual integration into the mainstream. The tattoo industry, now a powerful global market, reflects the social and cultural evolution of this artistic practice, despite the challenges and controversies it continues to provoke.

«I am convinced that the arrival of great tattoo champions in Costa Rica is a significant event. In my opinion, it sends a positive message showing that Costa Rica is a country open to everyone, not just retirees.”

– Sylvain Vallière, Tamarindo Costa Rica

The tattoo industry has become a significant global market, with international conventions, specialized magazines, and a growing online presence where artists can share their work and connect with clients from all over the world.

Tickets for this highly anticipated festival will go on sale at starting January 24. Prices start at $17 for one day, $28 for two days, with a Pro Pass option at $55 offering exclusive benefits.

The festival will offer a rich and varied program: workshops, conferences open to all, music, gastronomy, shops, and an exclusive digital platform for Pro Pass holders.

The detailed program will soon be announced on

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