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False Rumour: Guanacaste Airport is not closing for 2 months!

Do not cancel your trip to Guanacaste!

Rumors are circulating in some social medias and tourist circles that the Guanacaste Airport, located near Liberia, will close its operations for two months to undertake renovation work on its runway.

The team at the online magazine MAG506 reached out to the airport authorities to clarify these rumors.

Rosa Rodríguez, from the communications department of Guanacaste Airport, provided details confirming that improvement work is indeed planned, but it will be carried out outside the regular arrival and departure operating hours of the airlines.

« To minimize the impact on Guanacaste Airport’s operations, runway intervention work will be conducted during the night and early morning hours. The work schedule will be announced soon by the relevant authorities in collaboration with the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, » Rosa Rodríguez stated.

Coriport, who is the airport operator, wants to inform the public that the terminal is operating normally according to the planned schedule. A coordination strategy has been established with the general authorities of civil aviation to ensure order and the quality of all operations and passenger transits.

All passengers with questions regarding the validity of airport operations are advised to contact their respective airlines.

It is also important to mention that the management of Guanacaste International Airport announced improvements to its parking service and the implementation of an automated payment system for certain spaces’ users.

Up to this point, parking has been free. However, this is going to change, and visitors will have to pay for this service, similar to what is already in place at Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose.

For more information on the parking topic, please click on the following link to read the article published on

Yves Pepito Malette
Yves Pepito Malette
Yves Pepito Malette habite au Costa Rica avec sa conjointe Carolyne depuis 2014. Ils sont les propriétaires d’une des agences touristiques des plus hautement cotées au Guanacaste: Costour. Connu sous le nom de Pepito, il est également le fondateur du groupe Facebook - Québécois au Costa Rica. Depuis 2020, il anime aussi une variété d’émissions francophones destinées au Costa Rica sur le Canal Pepito Live sur YouTube. Récemment, il a aussi réalisé le concept et lancé le seul magazine en ligne francophone du Costa Rica:

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