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Coming to Pepito Live: 10 immigration lawyers to talk about the actual situation in immigration in Costa Rica in 2024

Live on Youtube: Wednesday March 6th @ 7:00 p.m. (Central Standard Time)

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As Costa Rica shines as a beacon for expatriates, with its lush landscapes, rich biodiversity, tranquil climate, and unmatched quality of life. It’s no wonder that it stands as a top choice for those dreaming of a fresh start. Amidst the allure of political stability, safety, and a welcoming community, Costa Rica beckons to hearts seeking adventure and tranquility alike.

The aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the dynamics of international relocation. Spotlighting Costa Rica as a haven for many.

High level of demand for residency applications

In an era where Costa Rica’s Immigration Department witnesses a remarkable influx of residency applications, questions loom. What hurdles does the immigration framework encounter? And how can Costa Rica navigate the rising tide of newcomers with grace and efficiency?

Pepito Live is thrilled to present a groundbreaking live discussion with ten of Costa Rica’s most esteemed immigration lawyers. Including the illustrious Laura Chavarria, head of the Bar Association’s immigration committee. And Marco Francisco Badilla Chavarría, the revered former Director General of Immigration and Foreign Affairs (2002-2005).

Mobilization of experts

The panel also boasts the expertise of renowned attorneys Marcela Gurdian, Monique Azuola, Vanessa Leandro, Fabiana Guitérrez, Mariana Alfaro, Sebastián Alvarado, Nathalie Blau, and Margarita Sandi, who will offer invaluable insights into the evolving immigration landscape.

The host of the show will be Yves Malette, also known as Pepito. He has lived in Costa Rica as an expatriate for 9 years. He is very well-known in the realm of social media, especially in relation to issues concerning moving to and living in Costa Rica. His reputation as a straight talker has made his forums popular for discussions on residency and immigration challenges in Costa Rica.

Yves Malette, the esteemed host of the Live Show, expresses immense pride in facilitating this pivotal gathering, saying, «It is with great honor and a deep sense of responsibility that we bring together some of the most respected legal minds in Costa Rica and the vibrant expatriate community. This unique platform allows us to engage in an honest and open dialogue about the evolving landscape of immigration.»

Mark your calendars for March 6th at 7:00 p.m. (Costa Rica Time) and join the Pepito Live channel on YouTube for a riveting conversation that promises to enlighten, inspire, and provoke thought.

Engage with the panelists through live comments and questions, and become part of a community that’s shaping the future of immigration in Costa Rica. Your voice matters, and this is your platform to be heard. See you there! 🌍✨

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