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The Hidden Secrets of New Year’s Lingerie in Central America

What color will you be wearing?

par Yves Pepito Malette
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The year 2024 is fast approaching, and one of the most fascinating traditions is resurfacing in Central America: the choice of lingerie to wear on New Year’s Eve. Yes, you read that correctly, your underwear plays a crucial role in celebrating the transition to the new year.

It’s much more than a simple fashion preference; it’s a tradition deeply rooted in popular culture, with as much symbolism as the latest science fiction film.

So, what’s all the fuss about colorful lingerie on New Year’s Eve?

Well, each color chosen for this occasion has a specific meaning, as if our underwear could cast a spell for the year ahead. It’s as if your dresser drawer has turned into a book of wishes for 2024.

According to popular beliefs, wearing red lingerie on New Year’s Eve is associated with the desire to attract love and passion. This color, linked to energy, passion, and passionate love, is believed to promote the attraction of intense and lasting romantic relationships when worn on New Year’s Eve.

Choosing yellow lingerie is associated with the search for luck and economic prosperity. The color yellow symbolizes wealth, abundance, and good fortune in various cultures, so wearing lingerie of this hue during the transition to the new year is seen as a way to promote financial success and prosperity.

On the other hand, choosing green lingerie is associated with hope, health, and balance. It is believed that this color encourages harmony, personal growth, and stability, so those who choose to wear green lingerie seek to attract health, serenity, and emotional balance in the coming year.


White, as a symbol of purity and renewal, is a traditional choice in several cultures for New Year’s Eve. The intention is to start the year with a clean slate and the promise of new beginnings.

Blue, associated with the sky and the sea, represents tranquility and stability. Those who wish for a calm and balanced year often choose blue lingerie as a symbolic option to attract these qualities into their lives.


Some cultures believe that choosing certain colors on New Year’s Eve can be unlucky. Among these, black, as it is associated with ideas of mourning and sadness, goes against the festive and joyful spirit of New Year’s celebration.

In the end, this colorful tradition adds a unique touch to how people welcome the new year in Central America. It’s a blend of fashion, superstition, and deeply rooted beliefs. Who would have thought that our underwear could have such an impact on our destiny?

Anyway, whether you opt for passionate red, lucky yellow, or serene green, the team wants to wish you a year filled with love, prosperity, health, and serenity in 2024, regardless of the color of your lingerie!

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