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Hotel Villa del Sueño: The musical menu is ready for the upcoming season!

A season dreamed of new additions and pleasant surprises

par Sébastien St-Pierre
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Every year, as the tourist season awakens in Guanacaste, Hotel Villa del Sueño in Playa Hermosa raises the curtain on the most popular musical evenings in the region, adding a touch of wonder to its visitors’ experience.

The moment you set foot in Villa del Sueño for the first time, it’s an encounter beyond the ordinary, an experience that enchants you instantly. And quickly, this fascination transforms into an extraordinary event, a must-visit place for Guanacaste regulars, and an unforgettable moment for those discovering this piece of paradise for the first time.

When in the mood for amazing food, the warmest atmosphere, and the best live music in Guanacaste, there is no question about it – we head directly to Villa del Sueño.

The staff lead by Jairo and Leo are very courteous and friendly. But, to be honest, what also charms my wife about going there is the dancing. Most patrons cannot resist the sounds of the Dream Machine which draw people to the beats and songs of the band during the entire dinner show.

Mathew Stevens from Toronto, Canada

Over the years, this place has become a true icon for the many visitors and expatriates who have chosen Costa Rica. Claude Laferrière and his wife Silvia settled in Costa Rica more than 30 years ago to pursue their dreams, and that’s how the name of this place became a reference, cited as an example of success by many tourists and expats.

Claude Laferrière is a Canadian who had a career in music before settling in the land of Pura Vida and establishing this hotel project. Under his direction, the Sueno family has been dedicated for several years to presenting exceptional musical programming that harmoniously complements the gastronomic delights prepared by Silvia and her highly dedicated customer service team.

There’s something new this year at Sueño. The temporary canvas covering the outdoor stage has been replaced with a permanent outdoor roof. This will better protect the equipment and musicians from all weather conditions. «The show must go on,» Claude Laferrière proudly declares while pointing out the improvements.

Here is the lineup that will illuminate Sueño’s outdoor stage this season:


Mango Taxi, an extraordinary musical ensemble, is a true treasure of the music scene, expertly blending the rich nuances of funk with the sophistication of jazz. This group consists of talented musicians, each of whom brings invaluable expertise to their unique sound. At the heart of this ensemble is Jean-Claude Béliveau, an exceptional singer whose enchanting voice captivates sensitive souls. He is accompanied by the other musicians of the ensemble: Bill Bennett (bassist), Gerry Mosby (guitarist), Mike Dinardo (drummer), Warren Alani (keyboardist), and Jody (saxophonist).


Los Reyes de la Plancha is a Latin group that shines on the international music scene, attracting a dedicated fan base all the way to Mexico and beyond. This exceptional group is led by the renowned Costa Rican keyboardist, Warren Alani, whose instrumental talent is truly breathtaking. Collaborating with the charismatic singer Rolf Stewart, Los Reyes de la Plancha continue to captivate hearts and push the boundaries of music with their resounding success.


Songuanna, the iconic musical group, embodies the magic of musical fusion that celebrates Latin music and Guanacaste folklore, offering a truly enchanting sonic experience that transports listeners to the heart of Costa Rica. Songuanna instantly captivates the senses, inviting everyone to be carried away by dance. Their music evokes the deep roots of Guanacaste, skillfully blending ancestral musical traditions with modern elements to create an authentic and powerful sound.


Carlitos y la Gallada, a young musical ensemble hailing from the beautiful Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, stands out with exceptional talents and a passion for modern Latin music. Their contagious energy and musical virtuosity are an irresistible invitation to immerse yourself in the magic of Latin music, making Carlitos y la Gallada a must-see for all music lovers seeking an authentic and enchanting experience.


Charly Lopez, a renowned musician, embodies the essence of musical and vocal talent perfectly. His passion for rock and popular music shines through in each of his performances. This season, he promises to thrill the crowds with an intoxicating touch of the 70s and 80s. Charly Lopez is more than just a musician; he is a true virtuoso, capable of captivating his audience with his powerful voice and exceptional mastery of various instruments.


The long-established musical ensemble in the Playa Hermosa region of Guanacaste is truly a local treasure. Their ability to get people dancing and gathering around their big hits is simply incredible. Among these exceptional talents, the resident group, Dream Machine, shines brightly. This year, they will once again have the pleasure of presenting the wonderful JOJO (Jocelyne Dupras), an artist beloved by the regulars of these show evenings. Every note she sings is an invitation to wonder, a bewitching musical journey in this corner of paradise in Costa Rica.

The group is the centerpiece of Hotel Villa del Sueño, under the direction of Claude Laferrière, and they continue to stir hearts and create unforgettable memories for all those fortunate enough to see them perform in the beautiful community of Playa Hermosa.

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