Accueil » After 9 years at Costour, a new generation takes over. Carolyne and Yves say THANK YOU to everyone!

After 9 years at Costour, a new generation takes over. Carolyne and Yves say THANK YOU to everyone!

And embark in a departure toward new discoveries in Costa Rica!

par Yves Pepito Malette
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With all our heart and overflowing gratitude, Carolyne and I want to express our deep appreciation to the multitude of people who have offered us their support and trust since our first steps in Playa del Coco, where we established our beloved agency, Costour, as a beacon of tourist exploration.

During these nine dazzling years, we have formed unique bonds with travelers from all walks of life, creating moments filled with magic. It is now time for us to entrust this mission of awakening to the beauty of Costa Rica to Kevin and Anouk, who will carry this legacy with renewed vigor and passion.

For some time, we had been contemplating the idea of finding worthy successors to continue this adventure that we started with so much dedication. We wanted Costour to continue to thrive under the guidance of people who share our unconditional love for this country and its natural wealth.

The arrival of Anouk and Kevin at Costour opens a new chapter for Carolyne and me, allowing us to immerse ourselves in more personal projects that are close to our hearts.

This transition does not diminish our commitment to Costa Rica. On the contrary, it amplifies our ability to enrich the content and quality of initiatives carried by Pepito Live and Mag506 within Costa Media, allowing me to continue sharing my passion for Pura Vida through my media platforms and social networks.

This experience has been punctuated by encounters and unforgettable moments, forged with individuals who have left an indelible mark on our lives, creating deep bonds of friendship. These memories are for us the most precious of rewards, reminding us of the meaning of our efforts to offer memorable experiences, despite the challenges.

Above all, Costour has represented a human adventure for us, marked by a series of enriching encounters with fascinating people. The renewed trust of everyone, from our beginnings with our first clients, Linda and Clément, has been the foundation of our success and the realization of our dream. The list would be too long to mention all those with whom we have formed precious bonds of friendship. Your names are etched in our hearts.

In recognition, we wish to emphasize that achieving our quality standards, those to which we are committed to offering you, would not have been possible without the dedication of a team of employees passionate about sharing their knowledge of our country. Furthermore, we must highlight the invaluable contribution of our exemplary partners. Thanks to them, the Costour brand shines as brightly as the sun of Guanacaste. To all, we tip our hats.

Although we are preparing to leave Playa del Coco, our heart and commitment remain firmly anchored in Costa Rica. We will continue, from another region of Costa Rica, our mission with a new focus, to highlight the successes of expatriates and the wonders of the country for all those who, like us, have fallen in love with Pura Vida.

Once again, we extend our most sincere gratitude. Thank you to all who have believed in us, supported us, and been part of this magnificent adventure within the great family of Costa Rica.

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